Monday, 13 October 2014

fangirling, clothes, and more fangirling

Hey guys! Soooooo it's been a little over a week, I guess? In this post I want to talk about being a fan of things/people and that kind of thing. But before we get into that how about a little life update. Because they're so necessary because I just live such an exciting life. Really.

 So I went to see Ed Sheeran in concert in Belfast on Wednesday and LORD. He was unbelievable. The whole way through I was just in awe of his talent and passion for music. He's also such a great human and I just. I just. Here's a 15 second clip I instagrammed of Bloodstream (my favourite song on X, which was reaffirmed when it was beyond all of my hopes live). 

  Me and my friend Eleanor's attempts at taking a selfie at the concert. SelFAIL.

Since then I really haven't done anything exciting except have a few mental breakdowns over school, which are kind of a regular thing nowadays. With the odd bit of angsty poetry.

Ooh I forgot to mention in my last post but when I was in Italy I bought a few things in Brandy Melville, the God-sent American shop I would kill to have here. Actually no, I just want them to ship to the UK for a reasonable fee. I love that shop so. much. Everything in it is so cool. 

 I got these two tops and a long necklace with a teal-coloured shark-tooth-looking type thing. The whole 'one size' thing annoys me although luckily they fit me perfectly. But I really do disagree with their idea of the correct size or whatever. It's toxic.

 Regardless, the tops are cute and as you can see I wore the one on the left to the concert. It's quite low at the sides but with a bandeau it looks so cool. I love shirts like this.

The sunflower top on the right is so pretty but it is really tight and low-cut so I don't know when I'll ever actually wear it. Maybe during summer with high waisted shorts or something.

Awkward selfie time! I really do like this top. I like anything I can wear chokers with.

  Okay so on to the actual topics of this post.

 I was saying to my parents today how annoying it is how people think it's weird and strange how I'm such a big Taylor Swift fan, yet the people my age being obsessed with boybands and cute-boy-type-humans is completely normal. You probably don't think it's weird that I'm a fan of Taylor, but a lot of people I've met do. And that's ridiculous. As if it's unrealistic for me to look up to a female who has achieved incredible things in her life because it might give me the motivation to do the same, but realistic for me to idolise a teenage boy and make it my dream to marry him (lol). Grrrrrrrrrrr.

" brightness, pouring itself out of you, 
as if you were
burning inside.

Under your skin the moon is alive."
- Pablo Neruda
(a part of 'Ode To A Naked Beauty)

 What I'm trying to say is that, being a fan of something means you love it, and care about it, and whether that's a boy band or a female artist-superhero or a T.V. chef or a fictional character, that is a good thing! It's an amazing thing! It is something to enjoy and be proud of. Being passionate about things is one of the greatest joys of just being a person. Don't let anyone tell you it's 'weird' or 'immature'. When you look for it, fangirling is everywhere. In masterchef the judges fangirl over the food, in Top Gear the presenters fangirl over cars, and on QVC they fangirl over, well, anything that could possibly be sold. 

Book-I-like-and-want-to-talk-about: Where Rainbows End/Love, Rosie - Cecilia Ahern

 Okay, I am not really a fan of this author's books, but I read this book on Saturday because my it has been my friend's favourite book for so long so I wanted to read it and then I saw the trailer and knew I just had to read it. The trailer looks so. good. I'm going to love it so much. Too much. I love generic teen romance movies. Almost as much as I love generic teen-romance books. I liked the book, I didn't love it, I really only found myself reading the whole way through to see if the two main characters would EVER end up together. Seriously. I'm not going to spoil it but let's just say it was infuriating. Buuuut I am making it book of the week because I do love the two main characters and there was something really nice about the book. Lily Collins is really the most perfect human ever and she's definitely the perfect Rosie.

Video I-like-and-want-to-talk-about: Well this is easy! Taylor Swift covered a song I've loved for so long and it's really just so beautiful and angelic and every-positive-adjective. Her playing piano and singing a slow song is my favourite thing ever. She just has this emotive superpower/witchcraft. I even find myself thinking about the lyrics differently since hearing her sing them.

Album-I-like-and-want-to-talk-about: Hozier's self-titled album. 

 The best popular artist this country has created since Snow Patrol. He is ridiculously good. Such a good album. I have had Take Me To Church stuck in my head for months and I'm not complaining. 

 Okay so it's 11:42 (I usually write these at like 2am! WOW!) and I should try and sleep now. So even though it could be any time of day when you read this, good night!


  1. I'm so jealous of you going to see Ed Sheeran :) lovely post
    - F -